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Introducing Transparency

Deciphering medical literature on controversial topics and empowering everyday people to communicate confidently.

The Gap Between Research and Public Knowledge

 Oftentimes we hear people make sweeping statements, such as, “scientifically proven” and “studies show,” to prove a point they have never fully researched. But, what is “good science” and how do you tell if a study is truly supporting the claim it makes?

We created ResearchBased to answer that question. This is where we discuss controversial topics supported by peer-reviewed studies and examine what the research says, not popular opinionWe teach others to identify reliable studies to make educated decisions for themselves.  Whether you have never seen a peer-reviewed study before or if you have a graduate degree, we can help you understand the medical landscape a little bit better. 

By setting aside our biases we can enable others to become their own well-informed health advocates and communicate intelligently and civilly. 

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Blog Posts

Long-form, narrative-style reads that address research about controversial topics.


All of the sources and facts from our blog posts, stripped down to only the essentials. Referenceable content to help you quickly answer important questions.


Guides, cheat sheets, white papers, case studies, lists, checklists, and more. Quick and easy to understand.


Dive deeper and learn for yourself. Identify good research and learn how to communicate it tactfully.

Words from our Friends

I was ever so impressed by your knowledge and so incredibly grateful for the work you have put in behind the scenes to bring that knowledge to us. It is really valuable, and you deliver it in a very clear and quality manner. “

Nina P., Ph.D Environmental Science

“Deeply informative… I learned so much on topics that I already had a working knowledge in…also really practical, with the goal of equipping you with the right information to have effective conversations with people.

Karla E., BArch

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