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Introducing Transparency

Deciphering medical literature on controversial topics and empowering everyday people to communicate confidently.

About ResearchBased

As someone who has worked in research for six years, I noticed that there was a huge knowledge gap between what people think research is, what it “proves,” how it’s done, and what is actually going on in research on a widespread bases. Particularly in the health and education arena.

This, in part, is what has lead us into warring factions who have a difficult time communicating with each other or being heard. This has also lead us to outsource our learning to “experts” who will tell us what to do, instead of learning how to think and make decisions for ourselves.

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but since helping design studies for MDs, PHDs and CEOs from prestigious schools and companies like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Nike, Google, and the like, it has become clear to me, that much of what we think is “fact” is just not; It’s an estimate. And much of what is “proven” is not, it’s just what we know right now. It takes time for the most reliable research to rise to the forefront. Even in the case of medicine it takes 17-23 years for well-proven research to BEGIN to be the standard of care, and that’s only if it’s not a controversial subject. (It often takes well over 50 years for these things to become common practice, 100 if we are ridding ourselves of something that causes harm.)

That’s why I have created this blog and a collection of courses for you under the name “ResearchBased.” They’re meant to take on “heavy topics” where I’ll give you the tools to learn and decide for yourself based on the best research we have right now. I will teach you how to read studies, how to understand data and most importantly HOW to talk to others about that data without hurting or impairing relationships or getting into a fight. Our mantra is: go where the data leads, not just to the places that make us comfortable. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to make a brighter future, together.

-JD Richards

JD Richards has a degree in Organizational Communication, Reasearch and Conflict Management as well as 6 years of working in the research field with high touch clients. As a director of research at VOICE Advocacy, she was at the forefront of learning how to talk and advocate between opposing groups. She has also been certified in vaccine information and has received NLP training.